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Building communities around regenerative practices, collective knowledge sharing, eco-friendly gardening and agricultural education.

Our planet is in trouble,

Pollinators are suffering and our soils are dying. People are way too reliant on big agriculture and major grocery supply chains for their food supply. We just can’t continue with the statue quo. We hear this sentiment echoed time and time again, we’ve met so many people who want to help break the cycle. But most of us seem to get stumped because we’re just not sure where to start or what we can take on.

Our team promotes homes for solitary bees and pollinators, worm compost bins and raised fabric garden beds because we know that small acts make a huge difference. These kits are easy to maintain and can help pique an interest in taking on bigger homesteading projects. We are dedicated to building communities that are grounded in big picture thinking and lifelong learning.

Most gardening kits and solutions on the market are expensive and unsustainable because they require constant replacement. Our mission is to keep costs low, making these kits accessible and affordable for as many people as possible. We set up garden solutions that last, and work with recycled materials to reduce our footprint. Our goal is to empower people to get growing and most importantly to make our community stronger!