Tackling International Waste

What we’re doing

Teaching about plastics
Collecting plastics
Building recycled filament extruders
Crafting with HDPE
Learning about 3D printing

Plastics Recycling Education  

Creating Recycled Products

We protect the environment by implementing eco-friendly recycling systems, increasing job opportunities for under-served communities and creating educational recycled plastic products for a more prosperous world.

Our team is passionate about teaching people how to recycle, and sharing creative uses for recycled plastic. Our initial work has been to focus on easy to recycle grades of plastic, primarily HDPE plastic from bottle caps and other product packaging. We are working to expand our capacity to begin creating our own recycled plastic 3D printing filament soon!

What we’re building towards

Education & Recycling Promotion

  • Program Development
  • Educational Content
  • Community Outreach
  • Research & Design
  • Strategic Partnership Planning & Outreach
  • Fundraising

Recycling Programs & Partners

  • Partnerships with existing collection facilities
  • Partnerships with plastics purchasers
  • Community collection routes and networks
  • Production and promotion of handmade recycled products

Plastic Collection Centers

  • Established collection points
  • Cooperation with schools and community
  • Plastic shredding R&D
  • Recycled filament R&D
  • Recycled products R&D
  • 3D modeling software R&D

Filament & Product Design

  • Plastic Shredding Capacity
  • Recycled Filament Extrusion Capacity
  • 3D Printing Capacity
  • 3D Modeling R&D
  • Community input in product design

Recycled Plastic Products

  • Product Manufacturing
  • Product Marketing & Distribution
  • Pilot Program Expansion in other regions
  • Additional Product Lines
  • Expanded Partnerships & Networks

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