Innovative collaboration between team entrepreneurs in the
United States and Tanzania

What we’re building

Sharing knowledge and training the next generation of team players and servant leaders


Advocacy for and dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion, supporting equitable growth


Creation of more work opportunities, internships and new businesses


Networking with other changemakers around the world to maximize our impacts

“Together we create opportunities, build relationships through team entrepreneurship, connect US Changemakers with their global counterparts, and promote safeguard provisions in developing countries to empower equitable growth”
What we’re growing

Trash to Treasure

Plastic collection centers & recycled products in the USA and Tanzania

Bomba Sauce

Promoting a unique hot sauce made in Tanzania 

Tuition Payment App

A simpler way for students in Tanzania to pay tuition dues

Garden Research and Design

Gardening, soil & beneficial insect support tools


Consulting service which centers people and communities

Empty Suitcase

B&B style travel and culture sharing experiences

Seatree Power

100% off-grid renewable power units 

Evergreen University

Evergreen Changemaker Lab

Ashoka Millions of Changemakers

University of Iringa


Tiimakatemia Global

Join our team of global changemakers!

Latest news from our blog
I don't ever want another box with these again!
Our first collaboration project is setting up plastic collection points and plastic MAKER SPACES. We plan to set up recycling centers in both the US and Tanzania and ultimately create useful educational products from that same recycled plastic. We are working to create a pilot program […]

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Global Team Entrepreneurship Changemakers Organization is incorporated in the State of Washington as a Non Profit Corporation.